The Joy of Pilgrimage

Since before recorded history people have packed their possessions and headed out on the spiritual quest. They walked or rode, they endured hardship and difficulty, they experienced triumph and joy in both the destination and the journey.

“Boats are not meant for the harbor,” wrote Paolo Coelho, and sometime in our lives our feet call us to fill their purpose, to carry us on an adventure of discovery. When we finish, many miles and a few blisters beyond our home, we have discovered more about the wonders of the world, and more about ourselves.

Anxiety and stress keep many people away from a pilgrimage walk in a foreign country. They’d like to walk to Santiago or Rome or Assisi, but it seems complicated and difficult. How to make accommodations in a foreign language? How to learn directions so I won’t get lost? How to make sure I’ve brought what I need? How to round up friends so I won’t have to walk alone? What if I can’t walk the entire distance and need to pause for rest?

At Pilgrim Paths we help make the joy of pilgrimage come true. We gather prospective pilgrims, plan the best itineraries, arrange accommodations, directions, translations, packing lists, restaurants and even companionship so that your pilgrimage won’t be alone. You bring your feet and your heart, ready to enjoy a rich and memorable time of discovery, friendships, food and the enchanting cultural and natural beauty that is Italy. Along the way, carried slowly by your feet, you learn more about the world and about you. And you discover the deep and lofty wonders that have drawn pilgrims on their quest since the dawn of time.

We’ll be with you each step of the way, helping, advising, and accompanying you on your successful walk, your trip of a lifetime. Take a look at our 2017 adventures. Spaces are limited so act now to make your reservation.